Your Life Changes Here!

"I had the best summer of my life."
"I lived away from home for the first time."
"I made an incredible friend that I then traveled America with."
"I gained self-confidence."
"I became a leader."
"I experienced what it is to love what you do."
"I got a taste of America and American life."
"I felt like I really made a difference in the lives of several campers."
What staff from prior summers have told us

Our mission is to provide the best day camp experience for each member of every family and we hire counselors who can make that magic happen!

NEOC was founded in 2022. In these early years, our staff has made a tremendous and very personal impact on the camp, helping to shape both the camp culture and reputation in the community. The team has developed a work hard, play hard mentality while focusing on creating fun for both counselors and campers. In a gorgeous nature setting, NEOC is alive with learning, discovery, and creativity. Each day is full of singing and spirit. Each week features a theme day. And that is just to mention the fun that goes on during camp days.

The beauty of working at a day camp is that team members have evenings and weekends free of camp responsibility. When the camp day ends, the fun continues:

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